Life Insurance

What is life insurance?

Life insurance is not for you, it is for those who continue living after you go. It is a way to show you love and desire to protect your family when the inevitable happens so they aren't left with financial difficulty.

Life Insurance helps cover the "What-ifs" in life, like What if I die unexpectantly? Could my family continue to live in our home and pay the bills? Will my family have the funds for my funeral and final expenses? Will my children be economically able to attend college?

Whole Life and Term life insurance


There are 2 principal types of life insurance, whole life and term life insurance. Each is designed to protect your family in different instances. For a fact, funeral and final expenses are always necesary. If the loss of your income will negatively affect your family, you can consider adding on a term life policy to your whole life policy to protect your income during your working years



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